Nominations for the Student Elections are now open!

Each year five Sabbatical Officers are elected to represent students and make positive changes on behalf of the student body. Find out how to nominate yourself for one of these five paid positions.

The Sabbatical Officer (Sabb) roles are full time positions, offering a salary of £19,000 P/A and the opportunity to gain a huge amount of experience. As a Sabb you will develop new skills, work with staff at the highest levels of the University and lead a registered charity as one of its trustees.

The NUS Delegate position is also open for nominations. This is an unpaid position and the elected student will be required to attend the National NUS Conference on behalf of the Students' Union to vote on suggested changes by the body. 

Keep reading for more information about each of the positions available. 

1. President

The President leads the Sabbatical Team and assumes ultimate responsibility for the work of the Union and in creating a positive impact for all Portsmouth students.

2. Vice President (VP) of Education and Democracy

The VP Education & Democracy represents the academic needs of all students at high-level University meetings. They help to ensure the Union and Sabbatical Officers are democratic and student-led in their decisions.

3. VP Welfare and Community

The VP Welfare & Community supports student welfare by raising awareness of support services whilst working with the University on issues affecting student wellbeing. They also support volunteering projects whilst helping to build relationships between students and the local community.

4. VP Activities

The VP Activities supports Union Societies, RAG and Student Media, and encourages other students to get involved, signup and start new groups. They also help student-led groups to develop key skills, run events and achieve national recognition.

5. VP Sports

The VP Sports supports the development of sports clubs and recreational activities at the Union and encourages student engagement. They represent the student voice on sporting issues both locally and nationally.

NUS Delegate position

The National Union of Students (NUS) is a representative body for students and Students' Union's across the country. An NUS Delegate is an elected student who attends the National NUS Conference on behalf of the Students' Union to vote on suggested changes by the body. 

Elected NUS Delegates must be available from Saturday the 7th - Friday the 12th of April and be able to travel and stay in Glasgow. Travel and accommodation will be provided for you if successful. 

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