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Improve your course with start talking week

The 21st - 25th of January is StART Talking Week. A time to have quality conversations with your course reps.

StART Talking Week returns! In November 2018 we launched the StART tool which is designed to capture conversations between course reps and students, regardless of your course, with great success. 

What is StART Talking Week?

Throughout StART Talking Week, Course Reps will be around campus, gathering feedback from students about their experiences on their courses. 

Your Course Reps will be at the below locations throughout the week:

If you see a Course Rep around campus, make sure to speak to them. Be honest and don't be afraid to report any issues you have about your course and university experience.

What is StART?

StART stands for the Student and Academic Representation Tool! It is designed to capture the conversations, thoughts and opinions that you have about your university experience.

All conversations over StART will go straight to your Course Rep and the Union so that ideas can be shared and problems resolved.

If you cannot meet the Course Reps, but still want your voice heard you can still speak to them digitally through StART or use our Have Your Say platform.


If you have any questions, contact us at If you have any queries about the data gathered from the StART tool and its use, please direct them to

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