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Sabb Hall of Fame

Our Sabbatical Officers lead the Union and represent you at the highest level within the University. We’ve collected some of the changes that the Sabbs have helped achieve over the years.

The five Sabbs represent five key areas of the student experience and drive forward their manifesto points and often wider change within student experience. 

President Successes

The President leads the Sabb team and assumes ultimate responsibility for the Union in creating a positive impact for all Portsmouth students. Changes they have successfully helped push forward include: 

  • Creating a charity football match between staff and students, now in it's third year raised over £7000 last year alone.
  • Getting a microwave installed in the Waterhole Bar. 
  • Providing free sanitary products as non-luxury product was introduced last year and continues to be provided within the Union Advice Service. 

VP Welfare and Community

The VP Welfare and Community builds relationships with the wider community to support the welfare of all students by:

  • Installing a Mood Postbox in the library to help reduce stigma around mental health and give confidential support. 
  • Increasing the amount of prayer spaces across campus for students.
  • Making all Extenuating Circumstance Forms (ECF) available to be submitted online. 

VP Education and Democracy

The VP Education & Democracy ensures changes are democratic, Sabb successes have improved development and diverse opportunities for students.

  • Creating a BAME network to increase diversity in the Union.
  • Women in leadership events have offered opportunities into leadership roles.
  • Course Rep Conference has improved the training given to course reps for students to be represented more effectively.

VP Sports

The VP Sports supports the development and engagement of students within sports. In previous years Sabbs have worked hard to improve inclusivity and represent Portsmouth at a national level:

  • Creating placements for students across the Union and University.
  • Improving inclusivity in sport through Team Pompey events like Varsity and making all students feel welcome.
  • Improving the alcohol culture which often surrounds sports clubs and encouraging sober socials. 

VP Activities

The VP Activities supports Union groups as well as RAG and student media, helping them to develop and achieve national recognition:

  • The Winter Showcase which brings together student groups to show their skills and encourage other students to get involved.
  • The Drug Harm Reduction campaign created open conversations around drugs and understanding the effects.
  • Increasing diversity with events like the Black History Month social mixer which brought together students and staff of all backgrounds. 

Team Successes

The Sabbs work hard as individuals, but often come together as a stronger team. In past years they have been able to start:

    • The library being open 24 hours.
    • Reduced printing costs and online submissions.
    • Laptops in Third Space and improved study spaces.
    • Improved alcohol awareness and safety around the city. 

    Is there something that you’re passionate about in the student experience and want to drive change for the better? Nominate yourself in the student elections and run to become a Sabb.

    Nominations close on Thursday 7th February at 12pm.

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