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Studying away from campus

The Easter break is fast approaching and many people will be hard at work with studying, writing assessments or project-work. If you're heading off campus it's important to be prepared to work effectively in a different environment.

With Easter break right around the corner the temptation to procrastinate from work can be high, especially if you're heading away from campus for the holiday. Here are some of our top tips on turning a new environment into a place where you can study and get your work done without worrying about putting it off. 

Create your own workspace at home

If you think you'll be able to work from home, make yourself a comfortable work space and a daily routine that works best for you free from distractions. It could be your desk, a dining table, the kitchen or even a different area completely like a cafe or library. 

Use your local library or university

If you're travelling away from Portsmouth did you know that you may be able to access your local university library? Check out the SCONUL website to see which university libraries are eligible to use, you may even be able to borrow books. Remember the Portsmouth University Library digital resources as well which you can access outside of Portsmouth. 

Check if your supervisor or tutor is contactable

If you know you're going home over the Easter but are going to be studying, check with your supervisor in advance whether they'll be available to contact over the holidays. 

This can help stop you being in limbo for weeks if you're confused or worried about something, or your question potentially being to late. Talk to your supervisor before you leave. 

Take a break

The lead up to the summer term can be a busy time so it's important to remember to take some time to relax, have a break and treat yourself. Whether it's your favourite show, going out for a coffee or meeting your friends, take a break from the screen and don't overload yourself with unrealistic goals. If you've got a good headspace you're more likely to be productive.

Celebrate your hard work

Remember to celebrate all your hard work once the exams are finished, your assessments are handed in and the last of your projects are done. We've got two exclusive events to help celebrate your time at university with the friends you've made along the way with Summer Ball which is open to all students and our Graduation Party

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