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New ‘Inspire me to’ podcast series

Have you ever been unsure of what the next steps after University are? If you're searching for a bit of inspiration, to gain some guidance from those that have taken the next steps, or are searching for a new fun podcast to follow, look no further.

On the first Wednesday of every month tune into the Alumni Association's brand new podcast series Inspire me to with motivational, inspirational and entertaining stories from guests, many of whom are alumni, at different stages of their careers.

Join Television and Broadcasting student, Maddison Young as she interviews a variety of guests and explores what inspired them to follow their passions in a range of industries. 

With some fascinating stories and helpful tips and advice, explore where your journey could take you.

Inspire me to... take a product to market

Alumna and entrepreneur in residence Lynda Harding

Have you got a unique product idea but just don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re in the process of launching your own product and need some advice on how to take the next step?

In this podcast listen to how Ewan the Dream Sheep went from an idea to becoming the award winning product he is today. Lynda will be offering hints and tips about how to overcome some of the obstacles she faced along the way, how she entered the international market and how she is continually looking to review and improve her products.

Inspire me to…follow my creative passion

Recent film graduate Shifra Kirby

Pursuing a creative career can mean taking a leap of faith. It can potentially be seen as a bit risky, especially if you have been brought up around influences of family and friends who believe that you should follow a more traditional career path. In this episode of our ‘Inspire me to’ podcasts, we welcome Shifra Kirby to discuss the courage and hard-work it has taken for her to pursue her creative passion.

Coming Wednesday 1st May. To make sure you don't miss out on hearing Shifra's story, click the button below to be reminded when the podcast is released. 

Inspire me to... become an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur in residence Mark Smith

If you’ve ever wondered how to make it as a successful entrepreneur then our special guest today will tell you how to do just that. Mark Smith, an entrepreneur in residence here at the University shares his fascinating story of how he started a company from his spare room and turned it into an 80 million pound turnover business.

Coming Wednesday 5th June. To make sure you don't miss out on hearing Mark's story, click the button below to be reminded when the podcast is released. 

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