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Safety, lad culture prevention and being drinkaware: Purple Wednesday receives beaming feedback from students in recent focus group

The Union organised a focus group with students about our official student night, Purple Wednesday.

Whether you are heading out to celebrate making it through the first half of the week or to celebrate a day of sport, nothing says #TeamPompey quite like a snakebite at a Purple Wednesday.

We wanted to speak to the people who know it best to find out what the most popular student night is really like. The Union held a focus group students to find out their experiences of Purple Wednesday. Here’s just a handful of the responses we received:

“I actually feel pretty safe from Popworld down to Miyagi, on the strip.

“I’ve always felt my best night out is Purple Wednesday, hands down.”

I’ve seen them drop people to the taxi rank before, always handing out water and things, in the sense of in the area I don’t think there’s much more they could do.”

“There’s always security helping people outside... they are always keeping an eye, there’s always someone close by.”

"I'm out most weeks, going to see friends and see everyone else out on societies as well."

“Lad culture is definitely disappearing now… their attitudes are improving.”

“People are really nice… this is how we are in Portsmouth, we are actually nice to each other in clubs.”

In a recent Late Night Bar Survey sent by the Union, The Astoria came top out of eight other late night bars in the city.

Our event partners Eskimo11 have been working closely with the Athletic Union to create a safe environment for our sports teams and students. One thing they do to ensure this is by having at least one male and one female welfare officer working from 8pm until doors close at 2am.

At busier times of the year, the Christian Union also support students at Purple Wednesday by handing out water and doughnuts to students who are worse for wear. 

Throughout the year there are fancy dress events, which encourage students to get creative alongside charity fundraisers like Pink, Blue and even Pride Wednesday which celebrates the diversity of Portsmouth students and welcomes all to the student night.

So next time friends or family are concerned about you on a Purple Wednesday, tell them not to worry - we’ve got you covered.

Find out more about our official student night here.

*85 Students filled out the Late Night Bar Survey. 28% of respondents replied to the question “What is your favourite bar in Portsmouth?” with the Astoria placing it ahead of any other venue.

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