Sabb Review Survey

Tell us your thoughts on our current Sabbatical Officer model

Our Sabbatical Officer (Sabb) Review survey is open from Monday the 29th of April until Tuesday the 14th of May.

Each year five Sabbatical Officers (Sabbs) are elected to run the Union and represent students at the University of Portsmouth. The five Sabbatical Officer roles are as follows: President, Vice President (VP) of Education and Democracy, VP of Welfare and Community, VP of Sports and VP of Activities. 

Sabbs are the leaders of the organisation and have a broad remit which covers elements such as:

  •  A particular role that they are elected to in which they are responsible for developing
  • Relevant activities
  • Representation of students
  • Membership of Union groups such as Board of Trustees and Leadership
  • Membership of senior University groups such as Academic Council and University
  • Executive Board
  • Supporting other elected Officers such as Faculty Representatives and Network
  • Chairs

We want to know whether students feel the above roles represent their needs during their time at the University of Portsmouth. 

This survey has been created to explore student perceptions of our current Sabbatical Officer (Sabbs) structure and our proposals to review and alter this for the 2020/21 academic year. It will complement the results of the sabbatical officer focus groups that took place in April which looked at models used by other Union's and the principles that should underpin our most senior elected representatives. 

For more information on what Sabbatical Officers are and why the review is taking place please click here: Sabbatical Officer Review Information.

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