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Getting interview ready on a budget

So you get invited to an interview. Now comes the next big question: what do you wear?

The decision of what to wear to an important event like an interview can be daunting, but especially when you open up your wardrobe and realise that you have nothing suitable in there. But don’t worry, check out our top tips on how to get the best look without spending your entire student loan.

Light the beacons…

Gondor calls for aid! Okay, perhaps not that dramatically, but why not ask your friends if they have anything smart that you can borrow? You never know who might have a secret stash of blazers hidden away at the back of the wardrobe.

Who needs an excuse to go shopping?

Before you go crazy down the aisles, we don’t mean break out your debit card on the high street. You can often find some hidden treasures in charity shops. Clothes that are typically more expensive like blazers or tailored trousers that have been pre-loved will still look great and save you some pennies.

Plan early

The more time you give yourself to find an outfit, the better the chances are of finding something you like without panicking and breaking the bank. It’ll also give you time to plan what kind of style you’d like and figure out a budget that you can stick to.

Will you wear it again?

When you go shopping for your interview outfit, look for clothes you actually like and can incorporate into your smart wardrobe. That way there will be more chance you’ll have more chance of wearing them again.

When you’re crafting your outfit try and go with timeless classics that you’ll still be ready to go for if you have an interview later on down the line - saving yourself stress and money.

Be yourself

Be unapologetically you. There will be times where editing your outfit is a must, but whatever the occasion celebrate who you are. The right opportunity will come along, even if it takes a few tries to get there.

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