End of exams

Surviving summer away from Pompey

Finishing uni for summer can be an emotional rollercoaster, feeling happy to have finished exams but sad to be leaving all your mates. For those that are feeling more of the latter, we've put together a few tips for surviving the summer away from Portsmouth. 

1. Keep in touch

Set up a group chat on Instagram or WhatsApp with your uni friends so you never miss what's going on. It'll make the time go by quicker, we promise! 

2. Take it day by day

We all love our parents but being home can be difficult sometimes. Try to remember they're only looking out for you and take it day by day.

3. Overwear your University of Portsmouth hoodie

Wrap up after a day at the beach in one of our classic University of Portsmouth hoodies. Available from the Union Shop for just £35. 

4. Plan a night out

Don't go all summer without seeing your uni mates, plan to be reunited on July 17 at Grad Party. Tickets are just £10 for a limited time only, so be quick! 

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