Winter Welcome Week

Winters Freshers’ Fayre 2020

Winter Freshers’ Fayre is on Wednesday 22nd January from 10am - 4pm across the Union and Spinnaker Sports Centre, showcasing all the opportunities the Union has the offer.

Winter Freshers' Fayre is bursting at the seams with excitement and opportunities, here's what to expect on the day. 

Student Groups

Get involved! With over 100 different clubs and societies Freshers' Fayre is a great place to start your time at University. From faith and cultural groups, common interests, student media and on top of that sports clubs, there's bound to be something for everyone. 

Join one, or as many as your time table will allow and develop your skills and have some fun. 

If we're missing something you can always create and grow your own society with guidance from our skilled and passionate Union staff.

Student Opportunities

From student groups to student deals, at our Winter Freshers' Fayre there is so much to get involved with. Our Student Focus team will also be there, showing you ways that you can make a change within the student experience. From Course Reps to Sabbatical Officers, there are loads of opportunities to get involved with and make a difference.

Your Sabbs

Helena, Hayley, Tom, Rama and Gez are your Sabbatical Officers, elected to represent key areas of the student experience. Get to know your Sabb team across Winter Welcome Week and the rest of the year as they work to enhance your academic journey.

The Union Shop

Our Union Shop will be open like normal! Before you go why not pop into our Union Shop? Our friendly shop and reception team are on hand to help and it’s a great time to get your very own classic hoodie. What a perfect way to start off the new term. 

Winter Freshers’ Fayre is a part of Winter Welcome Week 2020, check out everything else happening across the week.

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