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The Union is proposing a new Sport Portsmouth Governance Model which would effectively expand the current Athletic Union Governance Model.

How effective do you think the new proposed model meets the requirements for the representation of students in Sport/Physical Activity?


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The consultation is open from Tuesday 2nd October 2018, follow the link above to complete the consultation survey.

A new vision for sport

A new vision for sport

UPSU and the University of Portsmouth Sport & Recreation department are developing a new partnership to offer the best possible sports package for students. From September 2019, the new partnership will see a number sport clubs move across from the Union to be supported and developed by Sport & Recreation. This will also create capacity at the Students’ Union to provide better support and resources for the student groups and non-BUCS sporting clubs that will remain managed by UPSU.

All sport clubs have been informed as to whether they will be moving to Sport & Recreation, or remaining with UPSU, for the academic year beginning September 2019.

Governance Consultation

We are now consulting students on changes to the governance of sport at University of Portsmouth, which regards the structure of committees, policies and guidance of sport clubs. 

To enable the new partnership, and give students a say in sport provision, we are reviewing the way in which student-led sport is governed at the University of Portsmouth.

Following positive feedback from students in March 2018, we have developed the new ‘Sport Portsmouth’ governance model that enhances the current relationships between University of Portsmouth sport bodies.

The present governance model explicitly covers only sports clubs at the Students’ Union. The suggested governance amendments would effectively expand the current model to cover and include all sport clubs, whether managed by UPSU or Sport & Recreation.

The consultation survey will be open from Tuesday 2nd October and all students will have an opportunity to have their say and feedback on the proposed 'Sport Portsmouth' governance model.

  • A formalised ‘Sport Partnership Group’ that manages sport operations day-to-day, comprising of staff from UPSU, UoP Sport & Recreation and the Vice President Sport
  • Grow the ‘AU Executive’ (UPSU elected sport representatives) to become ‘Sport Portsmouth Executive’ to include UoP Sport & Recreation student representatives
  • ‘AU Zone’ (council of UPSU club representatives) to become ‘Sport Zone’ and include student representatives from UoP Sport & Recreation
  • A new ‘Sport Development & Resolution Committee’ that will help resolve challenges and sport-related issues, should they arise
Current AU Model

Current AU Model

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Present Athletic Union (AU) Zone: 

43 sport clubs supported by UPSU.

Athletic Union Executive:

Elected students that currently represent the needs of the 43 sport clubs.

Individual bodies/functions operating relatively autonomously:

UPSU, Vice President of  Sports, University of Portsmouth Sport & Recreation.

Sports Management Group: 

A reporting forum for sport where issues are addressed

Informal approach:

To providing groups with development opportunities and resolving conflicts.

Have Your Say process:

Ideas submitted by any student and those submitted by clubs at AU Zone. Reviewed by Union Actioning Body (UAB) to be actioned or put to all-student vote for reaction.

Sport Portsmouth Model

Sport Portsmouth Model

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Sport Zone:

All sporting activity including all clubs being supported by Sport and Recreation and all sports clubs being looked after by UPSU, physical activity societies at UPSU and University of Portsmouth gym membership.

Sport Portsmouth Reps:

Elected students that will represent the interests of all sports clubs and physical activity at Portsmouth University. Proposed positions will remain the same but with wider remit.

Sports Partnership Group: 

Formalised collaborative partnership group

Sports Management Group:

A strategic partnership approach, setting the direction for sport in Portsmouth.  Leading on strategic direction and high level issues/challenges

Development & Resolution Committee:

To listen to and give equity of voice to all students. Upholding the partnership, making developmental and resolution based decisions.

Inclusive Have Your Say process:

Ideas submitted by any student and those submitted by any club or student group at Sport Zone. Reviewed by UAB to be actioned or put to all-student vote for reaction.

Full Comparison Table

View the comparison table for the current and new proposed model

Background to the new Sport Portsmouth partnership

View the original New Vision for Sport presentation, presented to AU Zone March 2018.

Over the last 2 years, the Union has undertaken a comprehensive review of it’s activities, resulting in a Future Union to better represent, develop and look after the needs of our students now and in the future.

During this review it was identified that a partnership between the Union and University of Portsmouth Sport & Recreation Department (Sport & Rec) had the greatest opportunity to increase the quality of offer for competitive sports (with the potential to improve the BUCS offer and our ranking which has declined from 24th to 55th in 8 years).

Since consultation with students in April and May, work has continued on developing this partnership and how best to facilitate the transfer of clubs to Sport & Rec.

This partnership is one element of a wider joined up approach to sport at University of Portsmouth and will form part of a new 3 year sports strategy between the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union, UoP Department of Sport & Recreation and UoP Department of Sport & Exercise Science.

The Students’ Union will continue to facilitate many clubs and groups, with those clubs competing in BUCS or that have specific facility requirements moving to Sport & Rec from September 2019.

All student groups and clubs have been involved in this process and we are looking forward to working together to see the successes these exciting changes will bring to competitive sport at UoP.

Information relating to questions asked via the consultation back in April is available below.

The Athletic Union as we know it will begin to change to ensure it continues to represent the needs of the students within this new partnership approach. Following on from students feedback in March 2018, a new ‘Sport Portsmouth’ student representation model has been developed in partnership with Sport & Rec, to ensure the student voice is fully integrated throughout ‘Sport Portsmouth’. 

Student feedback indicated that the current  Athletic Union (AU) provides a community aspect to member clubs.  The new model has been developed to retain this community feel while widening the remit to encompass sport across the University of Portsmouth community.  The proposed changes to the system are designed to support this wider remit while also strengthening the partnership between UPSU and UoP Sport & Rec and ensure students are at the forefront of sport at Portsmouth.

New Partnership Questions & Answers

Throughout March, data was collected from students (mainly those who are part of sports clubs) about the new vision for sport.

To make sure that the data collected was comprehensive, 11 focus groups were advertised to students and a survey was also launched. This meant that all students who wished to, were able to provide their opinions or ask any question that they wanted to.

Much of the qualitative data that was provided, although was asked in various different formats could be sorted into two major groups.

  1. General Comments
  2. Questions and concerns

In each of these two sections, there were 7 major themes that arose and comments have been split into the following;

  1. The idea behind the proposal/the initiative
  2. The move or the ‘split’
  3. Funding & Scholarships
  4. Facilities & Support Services
  5. Competition and Sporting Events
  6. Club Membership
  7. Administration

VP Sports, UPSU & UoP Sport & Recreation (Sport & Rec) have worked together to provide answers to the questions asked:

UPSU is committed to providing University of Portsmouth students with the best possible sports package. In 2015 the Union began a review process to establish whether our services and activities could be enhanced for future students. This was the start of a comprehensive audit of the Union (Project 25 / Future Union). Competitive Sport was a service where there was the greatest opportunity for increasing the quality of the student offer by working with a partner.

If you are a student at the time of the consultation, you will have the opportunity to vote. Unfortunately, legally we cannot allow students who are no longer valid students voting in a referendum/consultation.

We will always seek student input for policies and procedures. How this works moving forward is to be decided within the partnership terms

Support for other Student Groups

This consultation is part of a bigger project that is helping ensure that the Union has enough funding and resources for all the rights, needs and wants of our students. The purpose of this consultation is focussing student groups and how we can best support them.

The Move Questions

You are a separate member of each club, as you are now. You would have two memberships, as you do now.

Not currently, clubs will have to fit a criteria i.e that you play in BUCS and can compete in a Sport & Rec/ partnership facility. This may change moving forward if and when Sport & Rec have capacity to take all BUCS clubs.

The intention at this time is not to split clubs in half. We wish to keep the community spirit of the clubs.

Teams which remain with the Union will be consulted upon certain packages that the Union can/may provide.

If a club becomes a BUCS club, then there may be scope for the club to move. This will depend on Sport & Rec’s capacity and whether in the first instance the club meets the criteria.

The regulations in place with either the University or the Union are there for the protection of students and ourselves. We do not currently know what rules will be amended / introduced.

Funding Questions

During Transition: In 18/19 any membership money at the end of the year will transfer (as it currently does) to the clubs B account. 

After transition Sept 19/20: A accounts will have to be closed and B accounts will transfer to Sport & Rec - subject to confirmation.

There will be a new funding model for sport, how this might look has not been finalised as yet and we aim to keep clubs informed about this as and when decisions are made. Sport & Rec's overall aim is to ensure that clubs are funded fairly.

Part of the handover process will involve reviewing the way clubs are funded as well as streamlining processes with the aim of making efficiency savings. Any cost savings that are made will be to the benefit of the clubs managed by Sport & Rec.

The Sport & Rec Department will continue to deliver it's Sports Scholarships Programme. For more information about this scheme and how individuals might qualify, please go to www.sportportsmouth.co.uk/competitive-sport/

Facilities Questions

The new sports facilities will create more opportunities for physical activity, how this is allocated and made available is not yet confirmed. However Sport & Rec believe that there will be a vast improvement in terms of opportunities and access for our students and therefore student sports clubs.

Sport & Rec will continue to work with clubs to discuss and allocate facilities for both training and competitive fixtures.

Competitions and Events Questions

As some clubs will be looked after by Sport & Rec and some by UPSU, Varsity may change. How this might look is to be decided as the partnership progresses.

Freshers' Fayre would remain under UPSU remit with partnership working with Sport & Rec to promote club memberships

Club Membership Questions

This is currently being discussed. We will ensure that is is as streamlined as much as possible.

Administration Questions

Clubs will have to fit a criteria i.e that you play in BUCS and can compete in a Sport & Rec/ partnership facility. This may change moving forward if and when Sport & Rec have capacity to take all BUCS clubs. All clubs have been informed.

Sport & Rec and UPSU are building the partnership together.

Both UPSU and Sport & Rec are keen to encompass the spirit and community feel that embodies the current AU model with a wider remit to fit with the new partnership. A new model will be brought to consultation in October/November 18.

Further Questions and Comment

If you have any questions or comments relating to a recent email around the Sports Partnership then please submit them below (please check the questions and answers above in case your question has already been answered in previous consultation).