Stressless Focus Groups

Student feedback on the provision of the Union's Stressless campaign, supporting students throughout exam periods.
Status Completed
Date November 2018

The purpose of this study was to gather student feedback on what the ideal provision of support and freebies during Stressless Week would be, in order to improve your university experience and aid your wellbeing during stressful exam periods.

Participation in the study was entirely voluntary and 11 students attended to give their opinions to help us shape the future of Stressless. The focus group laid out tasks and opportunities for students to provide feedback on Stressless and Study Aid events.

After the focus groups were carried out, qualitative data analysis was carried out and a report was created. This report has been shared below. As a result of this feedback, the campaign will look different this year and we hope will support a students in an even more effective way.

Stressless Focus Group Report