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upsu.net email account is required.

Please note that the Union cannot guarantee that a projector is available in all meeting rooms. Please consider booking other spaces on campus if a projector is essential to your booking.

UPSU reserves the right to cancel and amend bookings. Where possible, due notice will be given to any parties concerned.

The Union's Room Booking System allows students to view the availability of our meeting rooms.

The following student groups can request access to the room booking system to make their own bookings up to three months in advance.

  • Student Media groups
  • Sports Clubs
  • Societies
  • Volunteering groups

To request an access, groups must register using their groupname@upsu.net email account.

Individual students can book out our meeting rooms for academic purposes by making a request to the Union's Shop in person and must show their student campus ID card on request.

All other parties (UoP, external organisations, commercial partners) should contact the Union by emailing hello@upsu.net for approval with a relevant member of staff.

Other resources such as transport and foyer spaces can be booked by groups through their coordinator.

University Spaces
Students' Union groups only

University Spaces


The Union's student groups can book out University spaces on campus (external to the Union). In order to book these rooms, committee members must make a request via the Union's support desk. Completing the form in full helps our staff negotatiate and book the space with the University.

Room 1

One space. Multiple opportunities.

The largest of our bookable spaces this room occupies the northern end of the Union Building. With two large window spaces this room has plenty of natural light. Perfect for large meetings, conferences, training, presentations, receptions and workshops – there’s no limit to the creativity that can happen within these walls.

We like nothing more than when this room is brimming with interesting people and new ideas. It also works as a large breakout space, ideal for relaxation and reflection after a busy session. Complete with screen, projector and integrated computer system. This space in Portsmouth offers the flexibility and room for all variety of events.

Size Guide

Room 2

Bright Space. Bright Ideas.

Occupying the north eastern side of the Union Building; Room 2 is a light room to bring a bit of inspiration to your presentations, classes and workshops. This space in Portsmouth works perfectly as a breakout area but is equally cracking as a host to board or committee meetings. Complete with screen, projector, air-conditioning and mobile whiteboard.

Size Guide

Room 3

Small but perfectly formed.

Saddling up to Room 2 on the eastern side of the building this small but perfectly formed room allows for private meetings and interviews. This room has no internal facilities and acts as a perfect confidential space or temporary office during a major event.

Size Guide

Room 4

Room with a view.

Occupying the south eastern side of the block of function rooms this room has an exclusive balcony that can be used during the summer period. Room 4 is a bright room and benefits from an external door to provide plenty of fresh air.

Very slightly smaller than Room 4 this space in Portsmouth works perfectly as a breakout area but is equally cracking as a host to board or committee meetings. Projector system available (will require own VGA cable to connect).

Size Guide

Activities Room

No Tables. No Chairs. Limitless Creativity.

Occupying the western side of the Union building this is a purpose built activities room, complete with mirror lined wall, blackout blind, photo studio backdrops and laminated flooring; a truly multi-purpose space.

This space has no tables or chairs.