Course Representatives

Course Reps are elected to represent particular courses and year groups. They should be your first point of contact should any issues arise on your course.

The role of a Course Rep is to gather feedback, ideas and issues from their peers to take forward to Departmental, Faculty and University meetings, Have Your Say Zones and to relevant members of University and Students’ Union staff.

If you're interested in becoming a Course Rep, please contact your course leader.

Key Dates 2019

Course Rep Induction and Data Protection Training- Please complete both as soon as possible. Check "Resources" towards the bottom of the page

Key Contacts

VP Education & Democracy

George Pykov

Student Focus Coordinator



 Jon Scowen

Faculty Reps

Faculty Reps form part of the Union Actioning Body.

Associate Deans of Students (ADS)

Course Rep of the Month

About the Award

Each month we award the title of 'Rep of the Month' to a Course Rep who has excelled in their role. These awards take place from November until March and in May. 

Nominations by students and staff can be submitted monthly.

Award Criteria:

  • A proactive Course Rep.
  • A Course Rep who deals with an issue before it becomes a bigger problem. 
  • A Course Rep who feedbacks on all students' views, not just a few voices. 
  • A Course Rep who uses course surveys, Moodle, social media and speaks up in lectures to gain students' voices and views. 
  • A Course Rep who works closely with Student Voice Coordinators, Course Leaders and the Students' Union to represent the student voice. 


2018/19 Winners of the Course Rep of the Month

November - Mhlengi Mntungwa 

February - Bhavik Mistry 

March - Rosa Sigman

April - David Leng

Course Rep of the Year - Bhavik Mistry


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