… suddenly you’ve realised that there are hundreds of groups who are supposedly ‘official’ University of Portsmouth pages. This is the ultimate guide to help you join the right groups, events and pages on Facebook.

Official Fan Pages

University of Portsmouth Students’ Union

Essential to student life, the Students’ Union page is updated daily with key information, offers, discounts, events, city life, achievements, student life, quizzes, surveys and much more. One not to miss!

University of Portsmouth

The University’s official page; it tends to be more corporate and recruitment based content, but occasionally key student successes and information are shared through this page.

University Library

The University’s official page for their Library, updated daily with studying tips and information. Keep your eyes peeled for Pablo the penguin!

University Sport and Recreation

The University’s official page for their Gym, Fitness Classes and recreational sports facilities

University Careers and Recruitment

The University’s official page for their careers and recruitment services known as ‘Purple Door’

Official Groups

Freshers Events Group

Operated by the Union’s events partner Eskimo11 this group is where you will find all of the information about the official clubbing events happening during Freshers.

Warning: There are lots of scams around during this period we advise not to buy Freshers club night tickets from any other location than those promoted by this group. For your safety we’d always recommend purchasing tickets through www.portsmouthtickets.com – the Union’s own ticketing hub.

Specific events:

Accommodation Groups

Some of the University Halls are managed by the University, others are managed by Unite and there is plenty of accommodation in the community. If you are house hunting try StudentHouseFinder.com

Course Groups

Find your course mates with ease by joining one of these groups. They’re segmented by school (or department) because often courses cross over within each school and you’ll find you can share useful information with more people this way.

Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries:

Join this group if you are studying: BA Architecture, BA Interior Architecture and Design, MSc Historic Building Conservation, MA Interior Design, MArch Architecture, MA Sustainable Architecture or MA Urban Design

Join this group if you are studying: BA Fashion and Textile Design, BA Graphic Design, BA Illustration, BA Photography, MA Data Visualisation Design, MA Design for Digital Media, MA Fashion and Textiles, MA Graphic Design, MA Illustration or MA Photography

Join this group if you are studying: BA Animation, BA Animation with Business Communication, BSc Computer Animation, BSc Computer Animation with Business Communication, BSc Computer Games Enterprise, BSc Computer Games Technology, BSc Computer Games Technology with Business Communication, BSc Digital Media, BSc Entertainment Technology, BA Film Production, BA Film Production with Business Communication, BSc Music and Sound Technology, BSc Music Computing, BSc Television and Broadcasting, BSc Television and Broadcasting with Business Communication, MSc Computer Animation, MSc Computer Games Technology, MA/MSc Creative Professional Practice, MSc Digital Media, MSc Film and Television, MSc Film and Television, MSc Mobile Media Applications, MRes Creative Industries or MSc Music Technology

Join this group if you are studying: BA Creative Writing, BA Drama and Performance, BA English and Creative Writing, BA Film Studies, BA Film Industries and Creative Writing, BA Media Studies, BA Media Studies and Entertainment Technology, BA Musical Theatre, MA Creative Writing, MA Media and Communication or MRes Creative Industries

Faculty of Humanities:

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice Studies, BSc Crime and Criminology, BSc Criminology and Forensic Studies, BSc Criminology with Psychology, LLB Law with Criminology, BSc Policing and Investigation, BSc Risk and Security Management, MSc Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Studies, MSc Crime Science Investigation and Intelligence, MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice, MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology, MSc International Criminal Justice, MSc Policing, Policy and Leadership, DCrimJ Professional Doctorate in Criminal Justice, DsyRM Professional Doctorate in Security Risk Management or MSc Security Management

Join this group if you are studying: CertEd Further Education and Training, BA Childhood and Youth Studies, BA Early Childhood Studies, BA Early Childhood Studies with Psychology, FdA Early Years Care and Education, BA Education and Training Studies, FdA Learning Support, MA Education Studies, MSc Educational Leadership and Management, MRes Humanities and Social Sciences, PGCE Computer Science, PGCE English, PGCE Further Education and Training, PGCE Geography, PGCE Mathematics, PGCE Modern Foreign Languages or PGCE Science

Join this group if you are studying: BA American Studies, BA American Studies and History, BA Applied Languages, MLang Applied Languages, BA Combined Modern Languages, BA Communication and English Studies, BA English and American Studies, BA English Language, BA European Studies and International Relations, BA French Studies, BA German Studies, BA International Business Communication, BA International Development Studies, BA International Development Studies and Languages, BA International Relations and Languages, BA International Trade and Business Communication, BA International Trade, Logistics and Business Communication (Top-up), BA Languages and European Studies, BA Logistics and Business Communication (Top-up), BA Spanish and Latin American Studies, BA Spanish Studies, MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL, MA Communication and Applied Linguistics, MSc International Development Studies, PgCert International Development Studies, PgDip International Development Studies, MRes Humanities and Social Sciences or MA Translation

Join this group if you are studying: * BA English and History, BA English and Media Studies, BA English Literature, BA English with Psychology, BA History, BA History and Politics, BA International Relations, BA International Relations and History, BA International Relations and Politics, BA Journalism, BA Journalism and English Language, BA Journalism and English Literature, BA Politics, BSc Sociology, BA Sociology and Media Studies, BSc Sociology and Psychology, MA European Politics, MA History of War, Culture and Society, MA International Relations, MA Literature, Culture and Identity, MPA Public Administration or MRes Humanities and Social Sciences

Portsmouth Business School:

Join this group if you are studying: BA Accountancy and Financial Management (Top-up), BA Accounting and Business, BA Accounting with Finance, BA Finance with Business Communication (Top-up), BA Financial Management for Business, MSc Accounting and Finance, MSc Financial Decision Analysis or MSc Forensic Accounting

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Business Economics, BSc Economics, BA Economics and Management, BSc Economics, Finance and Banking, MSc Corporate Finance, MSc Economics, Finance and Banking, MSc Finance or MSc International Finance and Banking

Join this group if you are studying: BA Digital Marketing, BA Marketing, BA Marketing with Psychology, MA Digital Marketing, MA Marketing or MA Sales Management

Join this group if you are studying: BA Business and Human Resource Management, BA Human Resource Management with Psychology, MSc Coaching and Development, PgCert Coaching and Development, PgDip Coaching and Development, PgDip Human Resource Development and Training Management, PgDip Human Resource Management, MSc Human Resource Management, MSc International Human Resource Management, PgDip Leadership and Management or PgCert Leadership and Management

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Business and Supply Chain Management, BSc Business and System Management, MSc Project Management, MSc Strategic Quality Management, PgDip Strategic Quality Management or PgCert Strategic Quality Management

Join this group if you are studying: BA Business Management and Entrepreneurship, MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship or MSc Risk, Crisis and Resilience Management

Join this group if you are studying: LLB Law, LLB Law with Business, LLB Law with International Relations, LLM Corporate Governance and Law/Grad ICSA, LLM Law, LLM Alternative Dispute Resolution, PgCert Alternative Dispute Resolution

Faculty of Science:

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Biochemistry, MBiol Biochemistry, MBiol Biology, BSc Biology, BSc Marine Biology, MBiol Marine Biology, MSc Applied Aquatic Biology, MSc Biotechnology or MRes Science

Join this group if you are studying: BEng Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, MEnvSci Environmental Science, BSc Environmental Science, MGeol Geological Hazards, BSc Geological Hazards, MGeol Geology, BSc Geology, BSc Marine Environmental Science, MEnvSci Marine Environmental Science, MGeol Palaeontology, BSc Palaeontology, MPhys Applied Physics, BSc Applied Physics, BSc Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, MPhys Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, MSc Crisis and Disaster Management, MSc Engineering Geology, MSc Environmental Geology and Contamination, MSc Geological and Environmental Hazards or MRes Science

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Geography, BA Geography, BA Human Geography, BSc Physical Geography, MSc Coastal and Marine Resource Management, MSc Geographical Information Systems or MRes Science

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Human Communication Science (Top-up), BSc Human Physiology, BN Nursing, BSc Operating Department Practice, MOptom Optometry, BSc Paramedic Science, BSc Radiography (Diagnostic), BSc Radiography (Therapeutic), BSc Social Work, FdSc Speech, Language and Communication Science, MRes Science, MOptom Optometry, ProfDoc Professional Doctorate in Health and Social Card, MSc Social Work or PgCert Systematic Reviews in Health

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Biomedical Science, BSc Pharmaceutical Science, BSc Pharmacology, MPharm Pharmacy, MSc Medical Biotechnology, MRes Science or MSc Pharmacy Practice

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy, CertHE Dental Nursing, Dental Development Programme in Science and Dental Therapy, Dental Local Anaesthesia or Preparing for Practice Appraisal

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Psychology, BSc Forensic Psychology, MSc Child Forensic Studies: Psychology and Law, MSc Forensic Psychology, MRes Science, DForenPsy Professional Doctorate in Forensic Psychology or MSc Psychology and Learning Disability

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Exercise and Fitness Management, BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology, BSc Sport and Exercise Science, BSc Sports Development, BSc Sports Science and Management (Top-up), MSc Clinical Exercise Science, MRes Science, MSc Physical Activity, Exercise and Health, ProfDoc Sport and Exercise Psychology, MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology, ProfDoc Sport, Exercise and Health Science, MSc Sports Management or MSc Sports Performance

Faculty of Technology:

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Building Surveying, MEng Civil Engineering, BEng Civil Engineering, BEng Construction Engineering Management, BSc Property Development, BSc Quantity Surveying, MSc Building Information Management, MSc Civil Engineering, MSc Civil Engineering with Environmental Engineering, MSc Civil Engineering with Geotechnical Engineering, MSc Civil Engineering with Structural Engineering, MSc Construction Project Management, MRes Technology, MSc Property Development or MSc Quantity Surveying

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Business Information Systems, BSc Computer Science, MEng Computer Science, BSc Computing, BSc Computing and Information Systems, BSc Forensic Computing, BSc Software Engineering, BSc Web Technologies, MSc Computer and Information Security, MSc Forensic Information Technology, MSc Information Systems, MRes Technology or MSc Software Engineering

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Computer Aided Product Design, BEng Computer Engineering, MEng Computer Engineering, BSc Computer Networks, BEng Electronic Engineering, MEng Electronic Engineering, BEng Electronic Systems Engineering, BEng Engineering and Technology, BEng Innovation Engineering, BEng Innovation Engineering, BEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, BEng Mechnical Engineering, MEng Mechnical Engineering, BEng Petroleum Engineering, MEng Petroleum Engineering, BSc Product Design and Innovation, MSc Advanced Manufacturing Technology, MSc Communication Network Planning and Management, MSc Communication Systems Engingeering, MSc Computer Network administration and Management, MSc Electronic Engineering, MSc Energy and Power Systems Management, MSc Mechanical Engineering, MRes Technology, MA/MSc Medical Technology, MSc Petroleum and Gas Engineering or MSc Technology Management

Join this group if you are studying: BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, BSc Mathematics, MMath Mathematics, BSc Mathematics for Finance and Management, BSc Mathematics with Statistics, MRes Technology or MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management