We are very excited to announce the winners of our November Course Rep of the Month Award and Students' Union Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching. We have received some fantastic nominations and are very impressed with the work of our students and staff.

The Course Rep of the Month Award goes to a Course Rep who is:

- A proactive Course Rep
- A Course Rep who deals with an issue before it becomes a bigger issue
- A Course Rep who feeds back on all students’ views and not just a few voices
- A Course Rep who uses one or more of these methods (shout out in lectures, Course Surveys, Moodle and Social Media) to gain students’ voices and views
- A Course Rep who works closely with Student Voice Coordinators, Course Leaders and the Students’ Union to represent the student voice

The November runner up is 2nd year Film Industries student, Coline Lejeune! 

Coline was chosen due to the range of support she has given students, from improving the quality of buildings, to arranging film screenings to build a sense of community in her department, to successfully addressing deadline bunching on her course.

The November winner is 3rd year Fashion & Textile Design student, Faye Clarke!

Faye was chosen because of the way she has used her expertise to support other students. Faye has taken a mentoring role to ensure that new students and Course Reps are supported and confident in their role, and has supported college students through workshops. She has also built a strong relationship with students and staff to ensure all issues are addressed and positives are shared.

The Students' Union Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching criteria is: 

- Use of new and creative teaching initiatives to engage students
- Provision of extra academic support, beyond usual expectations
- Creation of a community of collegial learning amongst students and staff
- Provision of outstanding pastoral and personal support
- Excellence in student and staff collaboration
- Excellence in facilitating and utilising the student voice

The Faculty of Business and Law Winner is Foteini Kravariti!

Foteini was chosen due to her teaching approach in terms of design, support, marking and feedback. She has always been quick to provide guidance and support, and flexible in her methods; using Skype to talk to students where meetings aren't possible. Foteini's nomination described her as "genuinely, the best supervisor I could've asked for which made my work easy to understand, interesting and enjoyable".

The Faculty of Creative & Cultural Industries Winner is Marius Kwint!

Marius was primarily chosen due to the Visual Cultures field trip that he arranged. He was praised for his ability to blend creative studies with academic units in an engaging way. His teaching encouraged students to develop their analytical skills whilst questioning their own views, and strengthened the student:staff relationship to ensure a community of learning. 

The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Winner is Charlotte Meierdirk!

Charlotte was chosen as she received a number of nominations, but the particular highlight was the support she has provided to distance learners. She has been described as being incredibly professional, constructive with feedback, and committed to stepping up when staffing issues occurred. Her nominator finished by saying "I believe it is her actions and dedication which has helped many distance learners pass their courses successfully".

The Faculty of Science Winner is Joy Watts!

Joy was chosen due to her development of unit content, particularly through practical demonstrations, which has encouraged students to be enthusiastic about microbs. She has also been highlighted as "her actions increase visibility of women in science and academia, which helps to break preconceptions about gender roles in male and female students".

The Faculty of Technology Winner is Sermed Alsaadi!

Sermed was chosen due to the support he has given Masters students who occurred timetabling issues, on both group and individual basis. This included securing a change of location to ensure all students were adequately accommodated for.

The Support Staff winner is Paul Ramsay!

Paul was chosen due to his continued enthusiasm and support with his final group of students. His positive attitude has supported his students in developing a strong bond with one another, and made learning more enjoyable and fruitful. His demeanour has improved writing skills, enhanced self-confidence, and helped students overcome educational differences to support each other.

You can view the full list of nominees here November Excellence Nominees.