We are very excited to announce the winners of our December Course Rep of the Month Award and Students' Union Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching. We have received some fantastic nominations and are very impressed with the work of our students and staff.

The Course Rep of the Month Award goes to a Course Rep who is:

- A proactive Course Rep
- A Course Rep who deals with an issue before it becomes a bigger issue
- A Course Rep who feeds back on all students’ views and not just a few voices
- A Course Rep who uses one or more of these methods (shout out in lectures, Course Surveys, Moodle and Social Media) to gain students’ voices and views
- A Course Rep who works closely with Student Voice Coordinators, Course Leaders and the Students’ Union to represent the student voice

The December winner is Foundation Early Years student, Becky Albrecht!

Becky received multiple nominations and was chosen because of the support she has given distance learners at St. Vincent's College. She has proved to be a crucial link between students and the University, and has been proactive in helping her peers. Becky has been incredibly knowledgeable and shared this knowledge with other students to ensure they are aware of changes and their voice is here. 

The Students' Union Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching criteria is: 

- Use of new and creative teaching initiatives to engage students
- Provision of extra academic support, beyond usual expectations
- Creation of a community of collegial learning amongst students and staff
- Provision of outstanding pastoral and personal support
- Excellence in student and staff collaboration
- Excellence in facilitating and utilising the student voice

The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Winner is Joanne Park!

Jo was chosen because of the way in which she has shared her skills and best practice to enhance other classes. Particular highlights of the nomination refer to Jo's innovation and active learning, transparent approach with students, and the development of a culture of shared learning. Jo has also provided outstanding pastoral support for students in both professional and personal matters, making everyone feel welcome. 

The Faculty of Technology Winner is Manish Malik!

Manish was chosen due to the learning resources he created for students. This consisted of an examopedia with past exam and additional questions which allowed students to submit answers anonymously and receive feedback from one another. Manish also used this himself to give advice and model answers to students. 

You can view the full list of nominees here: December Excellence Nominees.