We are very excited to announce the winners of our January Course Rep of the Month Award and Students' Union Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching. We have received some fantastic nominations and are very impressed with the work of our students and staff.

The Course Rep of the Month Award goes to a Course Rep who is:

- A proactive Course Rep
- A Course Rep who deals with an issue before it becomes a bigger issue
- A Course Rep who feeds back on all students’ views and not just a few voices
- A Course Rep who uses one or more of these methods (shout out in lectures, Course Surveys, Moodle and Social Media) to gain students’ voices and views
- A Course Rep who works closely with Student Voice Coordinators, Course Leaders and the Students’ Union to represent the student voice

The January runner up is 2nd year Computing student, Robert Gibbs! 

Robert was chosen because of his strong communication skills and the information he provides for his course mates. He works closely with the Students' Union and promotes the variety of opportunities and support that are available, encouraging students to engage with them. 

The January winner is 4th year Pharmacy student, Temi Orungbamila!

Temi was chosen due to her dedication to the role. She has been a Course Rep for four years, and ensures that the well-being and academic development of students is always considered. One of her (five!) nominations highlighted that "her drive and passion for Pharmacy is particularly contagious and is inspirational to our year group." There are constant references to Temi's inclusivity and how she constantly supports and encourages her peers. Temi also supports her course on open days and applicant days, including interviews. 

The Students' Union Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching criteria is: 

- Use of new and creative teaching initiatives to engage students
- Provision of extra academic support, beyond usual expectations
- Creation of a community of collegial learning amongst students and staff
- Provision of outstanding pastoral and personal support
- Excellence in student and staff collaboration
- Excellence in facilitating and utilising the student voice

The Faculty of Creative & Cultural Industries Winners are Alison Habens and Jane Steventon!

This month we have two winners for CCI! We received two particularly impressive nominations that we just couldn't choose between.

Alison Habens was chosen due to her outstanding pastoral support. She has gone above and beyond to support the welfare of her students, giving them someone to talk to so that they can still succeed at University, and letting them know that they don’t have to go through any problems alone. One student even said "without her this year, I wouldn't have been able to continue with my course."

Jane Steventon was chosen due to the exceptional feedback she has provided students to ensure academic improvements, as well as the extra support she has given for career opportunities. Jane has put her students in direct and personal contact with industry professionals, and arranged extra events for students to attend. This has led to making "many students feel more comfortable and inspired in developing their skills and venturing outside their comfort zone."

The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Winner is Rob Frith!

Rob was chosen due his enthusiasm and passion in his lectures. His nomination endlessly details how Rob engages students, making "even the quietest of students join in with group discussion with his friendly attitude". The nomination also describes a clever use of entertainment combined with passion for political thought, a friendly environment to learn in, and "the most outstanding eagerness to learn from each other and to the highest and most engaging degree of teaching and learning I’ve seen so far in my academic career."

The Faculty of Science Winner is Matthew Parker!

Matthew was chosen due to his resilience in teaching. His nomination explained how Matthew takes time out of his own research to help students understand their work. He does this by encouraging students to think and learn for themselves, which builds their confidence and skill set. The nominator identified how this will have "a great positive impact on students' behaviour and also outlook on research working."

The Faculty of Technology Winner is Penny Ross!

Penny is described as an excellent teacher who always puts students first and goes to great lengths to ensure students understand what is being taught. She always ensure that students are supported personally, and is great at communicating updates to students. She has been described as an "all round perfect teacher".

You can view the full list of nominees here January Excellence Nominees

Nominations are now open for the February awards! 

Nominations for February Course Rep of the Month can be made here.

Nominations for February Excellence in Learning & Teaching can be made here.