Becky Albrecht is a Foundation Early Years student who won December Course Rep of the Month. Becky spoke to us about being a Course Rep. 

Why did you become a Course Rep?

I wanted to be the voice of part-time students and make sure that everyone is heard.  Although I was originally told it was just two meetings a year, I wanted to do more to support other students. My course isn’t based in Portsmouth so I triy to encourage my course mates to come to Portsmouth to engage with activities here. Communication is strong and all our support comes from the University and Union.

How did you feel about winning the award?

I didn't expect to win, it was a bit of a shock!

What has been the biggest thing you have achieved for other students? How has this helped them and improved your course? 

I changed our course day for next year.  As we are based at St Viincent's College we are at Uni for one day a week. This was originally scheduled for Thursdays and most students wanted it to be Fridays, so I helped make this change happen. I have also improved support from our tutor to ensure that he is involved in the course and that students can easily see him when they need.

Why did you pick your course?

Being a mum I had to find something that will allow me to work and study. For my career progression I needed that next step.

What is the best thing about your course?

Spending time with like minded people.

What are you spending your voucher on?

Some new text books – it costs £50 for a set of 3 books so I will put it towards that.