We are very excited to announce the winners of our February Course Rep of the Month Award and Students' Union Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching. We have received some fantastic nominations and are very impressed with the work of our students and staff.

The Course Rep of the Month Award goes to a Course Rep who is:

- A proactive Course Rep  

- A Course Rep who deals with an issue before it becomes a bigger issue  

- A Course Rep who feeds back on all students’ views and not just a few voices  

- A Course Rep who uses one or more of these methods (shout out in lectures, Course Surveys, Moodle and Social Media) to gain students’ voices and views  

- A Course Rep who works closely with Student Voice Coordinators, Course Leaders and the Students’ Union to represent the student voice

The February winner is 1st year Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice Studies student, Gary Pointer!

Gary was chosen due to the support he has provided for his distance learning course. The cohort has students across the country, including overseas, and it is easy for students to feel isolated. Gary's nomination detailed how his proactive engagement with students has built a sense of community which has made a significant difference to those students who felt alone. 

The Students' Union Awards for Excellence in Learning & Teaching criteria is: 

- Use of new and creative teaching initiatives to engage students  

- Provision of extra academic support, beyond usual expectations  

- Creation of a community of collegial learning amongst students and staff  

- Provision of outstanding pastoral and personal support  

- Excellence in student and staff collaboration  

- Excellence in facilitating and utilising the student voice

The Faculty of Science Winner is Darren Mernagh!

Darren was chosen due to the outstanding support he has provided for all students, especially those in his tutor group. Darren was particularly praised for his skills in easing student anxiety around pressure of assignments and the transition into University. His nomination describes how he will "move mountains for his students".

The Faculty of Technology Winner is Manish Malik!

Manish was chosen due to using technology to engage students in his classes. His lectures are described as very engaging, and his online voting system allows students to participate and share ideas more easily. This has led to students feeling like they are a part of their own learning experience. 

You can view the full list of nominees here: February Excellence Nominees

Nominations are now open for the March Course Rep of the Month and Overall Impact Award! 

Nominations for March Course Rep of the Month can be made here.

Nominations for the Overall Impact Award can be made here.