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Mathematics is one of the most feared subjects in the school curriculum. Most children require a long and hard process to master this subject. Such difficulty contrasts with the apparent ease with which apes solve problems involving quantities. Briefly stated, apes can discriminate the larger of two quantities even if they are presented concurrently, they can add and subtract quantities, and even multiply them using symbols. Recent work has shown that apes can also calculate probabilities in population estimation and gambling tasks. How is this possible if apes do not go to school and do not even possess a formal system of mathematics? In this talk, Josep will reveal apes’ secret formula for solving quantitative problems. Such a formula has two main components: a system dedicated to comparing stimuli combined with a system devoted to estimating quantities.

Parking: £2 Pay and Display in Milldam car park (PO1 3AS)

Wild mathematicians: Apes’ secret formula for resolving quantitative problems