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Early Bird tickets on sale now for graduating students - check your emails!

Welcome to your Graduation Party!
Lights, Camera… Celebrate

Your Students’ Union has teamed up with the Astoria to roll out the red carpet during Graduation Week.

Mark the end of your journey at university in an unforgettable and exclusive night, while you celebrate with everyone who you’ve met along the way.

Early Bird tickets go on sale Tuesday 8th January at 12pm and are limited - don’t delay in booking!

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Summer Ball - Sun 2nd June
Celebrate the end of your year in style as your Students’ Union rolls the dice and goes all-in to bring you an unforgettable night that’s sure to be a winner.

Take the Guildhall for a spin and experience the city of lights with Summer Ball.

All students are invited!

How much are tickets?
A limited number of Early Bird tickets will be priced at £8.00.

General sale tickets will be £10.00.

Who can attend the Graduation Party?
Whilst this event is primarily for graduates of the Class of 2018, any University of Portsmouth student may attend.

Whether you want to bring a partner or housemate, or you’re on a placement year and want to celebrate with your course mates, you can still buy a ticket.

Our exciting Summer Ball on Sunday 2nd June is for both graduates and continuing students at the Guildhall, the place to celebrate the end of term in style.

What happened to Grad Ball?
Following feedback from students, the Union has created two new events: the Summer Ball at the end of term and Graduation Party during Graduation Week.

In recent years, Grad Ball has been hosted at the Students’ Union at the end of Graduation Week. Following feedback from students, the Union has reviewed this model and created two new events to meet the needs of graduates and continuing students, offering students a choice and better value.

You Said:

It’s difficult to attend Grad Ball in July at the end of the Graduation Week
By hosting two events, students have a choice to attend either event or even both (for the less than the price of a single Grad Ball ticket, see below)
Hosting the Summer Ball at the end of term should mean fewer students need to budget for hotel accommodation and other additional costs
The Graduation Party takes place in the middle of Graduation Week, making it easier and fairer for students to attend, closer to the dates of most graduation ceremonies

Grad Ball tickets are too expensive (were £40 to £50)
A lot of the costs involved in putting on Grad Ball went towards transforming the Students’ Union building into a venue, meaning higher costs compared to hosting at venues already setup for these type of events
General sale ticket prices are £20 for the Summer Ball and £10 for the Graduation Party
Now combined, attending both events, is only £30 for two special nights, compared to £40-£50 for Grad Ball tickets - or £23 for both if you snag some Early Bird tickets!

University of Portsmouth Graduation Party