How can we help?

Our team of trained Staff and Peer Advisors are on hand all year round to offer help if it's needed, whatever the scenario. The independent service works closely with the University of Portsmouth to resolve issues and ensure students are treated fairly.

Here at the Advice Service, we offer confidential, impartial and non-judgemental support. We deliver advice and guidance on a range of academic and university issues that may affect your experience.  This includes helping students understand university policies and procedures as well as supporting students in university meetings. The service also undertake other activities and events throughout the year to promote health and wellbeing of students.

Find us on campus! We’re in Gun House at The Union, next door to Cafe Coco.

The Union Advice Service is independent from the University and all enquiries are dealt with in confidence.

Academic (Policies)

The Union offers free and impartial advice on University policies and procedures and works closely with the University of Portsmouth to resolve issues. Students can book a private appointment most weekdays with one of our Advisors. 

Health & Wellbeing

We can signpost to services to offer you advice on your health and wellbeing including mental health, sexual health, alcohol and drugs, and other personal or social issues.

Student Living

Information and signposting on student housing here in Portsmouth, including Halls of Residence and private rented accommodation, including resources to help you manage your money as well as where to go for support.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Sort it Out is a restorative practice that supports individuals to repair relationships.

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