The Union

The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union has a vision of creating a positive impact with every Portsmouth student during their time at University. As a charity led by our values and guided by our students, we do this by providing wide-ranging services and learner support to the 23,000 + students of the University of Portsmouth.

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Welcome to Portsmouth

Housing Week - UoP Housing

Wednesday 28th January

APEX Event - Large Group Learning

Wednesday 28th January

Tell new Lecturers your ideas on good quality learning and teaching

Housing Week - UoP Finance

Thursday 29th January

Housing Week - Housing Fayre

Friday 30th January

Looking for a house next year? Don't want to spend ages looking online or visiting different letting agents? Find your next home with the Union.

Day Trip to Canterbury

Saturday 31st January

Canterbury is a beautiful, historic city full of attractions.

Kayleigh Teague
VP Education
& Democracy

Emily Dell
VP Activities

Mario Oliveros
VP Welfare
& Community

Nick Johnson
VP Sports